2nd, 3rd and 4th Class will take part in the Peace Proms in University Concert Hall in 2024.

Peace Proms is a free music education resource for Primary Schools which will culminate in a large-scale performance for choirs and orchestra. The programme promotes ‘peace through music’ and already engages almost 30,000 children from 500 schools throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland, giving them the opportunity to sing in a large-scale production with a choir of up to 4,000 and a full symphony youth orchestra.

Peace Proms is for all primary school choirs whether established or starting out. The musical programme is tailor made to ensure it is fun and engaging for children aged between 8 and 12 years; it fulfills important educational requirements and is very rewarding to teach. The end performance is an inspirational and thrilling experience for choirs, teachers, parents and audiences alike!

Here’s a snippet of the performance from the last time we did Peace Proms:


Here’s a snippet of the performance :


Here’s a sample of the practice day in UL: